These are samples of art pieces which Ben has been contracted to create over the years.  Some are formal portraits of people or pets.  Other compositions display a more playful, innovative format capturing the subject in an abstract representation or incorporated into a famous masterpiece which depicts the likeness of the model personalizing and immortalizing the person.  For either choice, Ben usually likes to meet with the subject before painting them to learn about their character to better reflect not only the features but more importantly the Essence of the subject..

Traditional | Non Traditional | Details on ordering commissioned portraits


Commissioned Portraits

Commissioned portraits can vary in style and format. 

 Ben offers two options:

1. Traditional portraits - can be created from an existing photograph of the subject matter whether a person or a pet. Adjustments and modifications in color, background or setting are agreed upon upfront between Ben and the client.  Whenever possible, Ben prefers to meet with the subject matter or learn about the individuals' likes, hobbies, etc to better capture the spirit of the model in the art piece. 

2. Non Traditional Portraits - these can vary depending on the preference of the client and are more playful and contemporary.  Ben is open to working with the client on creating a unique representation of the subject mater and tells his clients that "all ideas are welcome and will be entertained".  You can view some samples under the non Traditional Portraits.

Once the style and composition of the portrait are agreed to, a 25 per cent deposit is paid via PayPal and the remainder is paid upon completion of the piece directly or through Paypal.

Completion of a portrait usually takes between two weeks and two months depending on size and complexity, and other commitments.

When the painting is finished I can deliver it personally if it is local or by insured carrier for safe transport and delivery. 
• The client is responsible for delivery costs
• Paintings are shipped unframed unless agreed with the client differently

To contact us about a commissioned portrait, please fill out our purchase inquiry form.

Commissioned Portraits Pricing

Price depends on size and complexity of the portrait

8x10  thru 18x24........... $ 350 - $800
20x24  thru 24x36 ..........$ 450 -$1200

Other criteria:

. Number of people
. Head only or head and shoulders, full body etc…

Non Traditional

Pricing difference will depend on size and creative elements
     (Existing Concept vs New Concept)

18x24 thru 36x48............ $500 - $1500.
·         Number of people
·         Head only or head and shoulders, full body etc
·         Impressionistic vs Realistic Background